Access ASSET Scholarship

“Our district serves a large group of students from low income families including many families that lack any higher education. These students often never hear about the opportunities in STEM careers. Many of our students could end up in low paying jobs in the service industry unless they are exposed to and trained for better jobs.”
- Access ASSET Scholarship Recipient, Butler County, Pennsylvania

Occupations requiring STEM skills are growing at a faster rate than others and offer higher potential wages, but these opportunities remain out of reach for many. Those from low-income households, racial/ethnic minority groups, and rural areas often lack access to effective teachers and evidence-based learning materials, falling behind their peers. These achievement gaps can have long-term economic consequences for learners.

Supporting educator development and systemic improvement in under-resourced K-12 schools can contribute not only to student achievement, but to the economic empowerment of individuals, families, and communities as well.

Since 2014, the Access ASSET scholarship program has helped improve teacher effectiveness and student achievement by providing no-cost professional learning and materials to schools and organizations in need. The program has impacted over 640 educators and 13,000 students to date.

Access ASSET primarily serves educators from organizations with low academic proficiency, and/or that serve high-minority or low-income learners. Eligible applicants have come from early learning centers; public, private, and charter schools; Intermediate Units, Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth; informal education settings such as libraries; and grassroots to national nonprofits and community organizations.

All educators deserve support in facilitating inquiry-based teaching and learning to advance student engagement and achievement. Unfortunately, budget constraints and resource limitations inhibit schools and organizations from planning, implementing, scaling and sustaining effective programs.

Access ASSET is designed to equip under-resourced educators with proven instructional tools and resources at no cost (including professional development and hands-on materials) through the generous support of corporations, foundations and individuals.

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Administrators and educators from schools, districts, or education organizations (in-school, out-of-school time, informal or community education settings) are welcome to apply.

Recipients can receive professional learning by attending pre-scheduled sessions on ASSET’s course calendar. Requests serving groups of 8 or more can select sessions from the course catalog. Sessions can be attended in ASSET’s Pittsburgh learning center or virtually. Depending on group size and location, ASSET may be able to facilitate sessions on site. Recipients can also receive hands-on learning materials.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Applications are scored using a rubric, with preference given to organizations with a high percentage of students on free/reduced lunch, high levels of diversity, and/or low proficiency on state assessments. Once notified of approval, recipients consult with ASSET’s Professional Learning Specialists to determine the services that best meet their needs.

While Access ASSET can only be used for existing products and services, ASSET is always looking for ways to collaborate through grant seeking to bring more STEM resources to educators and learners. Contact ASSET’s Director of Resource Development, Gina DeAngelo, to explore a potential partnership: