ASSET provides professional learning programs, courses, coaching, and consulting services to educators from all settings, backgrounds, and disciplines.

ASSET’s Professional Learning Specialists have extensive experience in classroom- and community-based instructional settings and in the design and facilitation of educator professional learning. The following values and beliefs guide the design and delivery of all of ASSET’s programs:

We value all educators as innovators and agents of change to advance learning.
ASSET defines an educator as any individual who is engaged in the learning experience of others. We believe in developing teachers as leaders, and that shared leadership generates sustainable change.

We value research based learning practices and their modeled applications to the classroom.
We believe inquiry is the foundation of teaching and learning, and seek to foster learner-centered environments that are collaborative, responsive, and relevant to the needs of all. We design professional learning for educators which models the learning environment for students, to enable them to gain firsthand experience with the implementation of new practices. We believe in dimensional teaching and learning that begins with assessment and encourages the development of self-regulated behaviors and thinking. We believe that professional reflection, coaching, and mentoring are tools for sustainable change in instructional practice.

We value the need for academic standards and practices that strive to change the structures of educational systems.
We believe STEM is a holistic approach that embraces all disciplines as well as practices of thinking about the world. ASSET believes in the three-dimensional philosophy of the Next Generation Science Standards, and in fostering career development through the use of the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics.