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Successful Students. Thriving Communities.

A Vibrant Pennsylvania.

The vision of the Pennsylvania STEMx™™ Network is for all Pennsylvanians to be prepared with the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills necessary to live a life of opportunity and success in the state's thriving economy.

The goal of the network is to foster collaboration among STEM stakeholders across the state to bridge gaps, test innovative approaches and scale up what works in STEM education and workforce development. 


Enable a statewide dialogue across education, workforce development, industry and communities to establist a shared vision and strategic plan for STEM education and workforce development.


Connect leading STEM organizations and stakeholders who share an imperative for action on STEM, to create a community of practice to leverage their strengths, build upon their collective experience and accomplish strategic outcomes.


Provide an accessible platform to share, analyze and disseminate quality STEM education tools and promising practices to transform education, expand the number of high quality STEM teachers, increase student achievement in STEM and grow tomorrow's innovators.

The network will bring together education, business and government representatives to set common indicators and strategies, communicate, advocate and share best practices through the advancement of initiatives such as:

  • High-quality preschool programs

  • Quality in- and out-of school STEM curricula

  • Evidence-based professional development to recruit and retain effective STEM educators and administrators

  • Student proficiency on state standards

  • Credentialing and job skills training programs

  • Regional business/postsecondary partnerships

Battelle’s STEMx™ national network impacts more than 8 million students annually through a coalition of 19 member state coalitions, including Guam, that share an imperative for action on STEM. As the state lead in Pennsylvania, ASSET will serve as a thought and action leader to guide the development of the Pennsylvania STEMx™ Network.