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Increased student achievement

  • Students in ASSET-supported schools out-performed similar grade-level peers on standardized state assessments in 4th grade science and 3rd and 4th grade math (Nedley, 2016). Also see qualitative findings.
  • 4th-grade students in ASSET member schools scored higher than similar grade-level peers on standardized state assessments in science, math and reading (Banilower & Weis, 2009).
  • 5th-grade students in ASSET-supported schools performed above national grade-level average on a standardized international science and math assessment and were competitive with 7th graders from high-performing countries (Raghavan, Cohen-Regev & Strobel, 2001).

“ASSET's incredible growth and emergence as one of the country's leading forces in achieving systemic reform in elementary and middle school science education begins with its research and development programs.”

- Sue Sloan, Executive Director, PPG Industries Foundation

Improved educator effectiveness 

  • Educators who participated in ASSET’s five-year advanced professional development program developed (Nedley, 2016)…
    • increased understanding of inquiry-based science
    • improved pedagogical practices
    • increased content knowledge across science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)
    • strengthened collaboration with teacher peers
  • An evaluation of a statewide elementary science education program in which ASSET was a major partner found that (Banilower, Fulp & Warren, 2010)…
    • the amount of professional development teachers received from ASSET was positively associated with student improvements between pre- and post-tests
    • the amount of instructional time in science increased within participating schools and teachers reported high levels of student interest in science
    • the amount of hands-on instruction implemented by teachers was positively associated with student learning gains