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Our Approach Knows No Bounds.

We help all educators lead students toward new discoveries by encouraging learning within and across science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). We also promote the incorporation of STEM with all other academic disciplines—including English/language arts, social studies and the arts—to create the richest and most empowering educational environments for all students.

Rooted in these holistic and transdisciplinary approaches, ASSET STEM Education™ offers a variety of professional development offerings and hands-on classroom materials for educators and administrators of students Pre-K through career. Our programs align with national and state educational standards and are results-oriented, research-grounded and inquiry-based.

Curriculum Materials

Research-based STEM curriculum materials aligned with state and national education standards.

Ongoing Professional Development

Programs and courses that prepare educators to teach inquiry-centered STEM subjects and consider professional growth to be an ongoing process

Materials Support

Cost-effective systems for supplying STEM equipment and materials to classrooms.


Strategies aligning the evaluation of student performance with the goals of inquiry-centered STEM programs.

Community/Administrative Involvement

Strategies for building and sustaining district and community support for STEM education.

Teacher-Driven Research and Development

Design and development of innovative programs for continuous improvement of teaching and learning.