ASSET Invites Educators to Weigh-in on Pandemic Teaching

Today ASSET Inc. (Achieving Student Success through Excellence in Teaching) launched a nationwide pulse-check survey to gather perspective from educators back in the classroom. While there is no road map for supporting teaching and learning during a pandemic, ASSET has a long history of partnering with educators and industry to help teachers navigate the unknown while continuing to meet the individual needs of their students.


The pulse check is part of an ongoing effort by ASSET to lift educator voices and support teachers through relevant and meaningful remote professional learning and coaching.


Grounded in improvement science, ASSET believes an educator’s professional learning should be driven by their own needs and the needs of their students -- and must be flexible and responsive.


“Educators are facing enormous challenges every day, with little to no training," said Sarah Toulouse, ASSET executive director. "It’s critical for teachers to weigh in on what is working and what is not so they can receive the support, care and compassion they deserve.”


The pulse-check survey is now available for educators to take at  through Oct. 12.



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