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E.g., 06/27/2018
E.g., 06/27/2018
SKUIDCourseStart dateEnd dateLocation
PD0248812Customized Examination of Projected NGSS and PA Science Framework06/06/201806/06/2018 Gibsonia, PA
PD0210745Advanced Project Based Learning Course - Grade 2-1606/14/201806/15/2018 Doylestown, PA
PD0248799Customized Examination of Projected NGSS and PA Science Framework06/18/201806/18/2018 Niles, OH
PD0248782Customized Examination of Projected NGSS and PA Science Framework06/20/201806/20/2018 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0210800Advanced Project Based Learning Course - Grade 2-1607/10/201807/11/2018 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0232801Changes (STC) Course08/20/201808/21/2018 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0264803Electric Circuits (STC) Course08/20/201808/21/2018 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0486804Energy, Forces, and Motion STC Course08/20/201808/21/2018 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0257805Diversity of Life (FOSS) Course08/28/201808/29/2018 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0480754Structures of Life (FOSS) Next Generation Course09/04/201809/05/2018 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0401753STEM for Young Learners Course09/05/201809/06/2018 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0331755Magnetism and Electricity (FOSS) Course09/11/201809/12/2018 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0227757Balance and Motion (FOSS) Course09/12/201809/12/2018 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0368756Plant Growth and Development (STC) Course09/18/201809/19/2018 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0468762Sound and Light - FOSS Next Generation Edition Course09/18/201809/19/2018 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0213758Animal Studies (STC) Course09/19/201809/20/2018 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0323759Land and Water (STC) Course09/25/201809/26/2018 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0482761Solids and Liquids FOSS Next Generation09/25/201809/26/2018 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0379760Rocks and Minerals (STC) Course09/26/201809/27/2018 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0233808Chemical Interactions (FOSS) Course10/04/201810/05/2018
PD0421809Wood and Paper (FOSS) Course01/15/201901/16/2019
PD0468810Sound and Light - FOSS Next Generation Edition Course01/29/201901/30/2019