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E.g., 06/26/2017
E.g., 06/26/2017
SKUIDCourseStart dateEnd dateLocation
PD0215593Arts & Bots Course05/31/201705/31/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0483575Energy FOSS Next Generation Course05/31/201706/01/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0448612Customized Professional Development06/01/201706/01/2017 North Huntingdon, PA
PD0269585Engineering Everywhere - Put A Lid On It: Engineering Safety Helmets Course06/08/201706/08/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0267586Engineering Adventures - Bubble Bonanza: Engineering Bubble Wands Course06/08/201706/08/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0448584Customized Professional Development06/15/201706/17/2017 Boise, ID
PD0470590Water and Climate FOSS Next Generation Course08/01/201708/02/2017 Windber, PA
PD0233591Chemical Interactions (FOSS) Course08/01/201708/02/2017 Windber, PA
PD0378592Researching the Sun- Earth-Moon System (STC) Course08/01/201708/02/2017 Windber, PA
PD0379623Rocks and Minerals (STC) Course08/09/201708/10/2017 Fairview, PA
PD0376624Push, Pull, Go (BBS) Course08/09/201708/10/2017 Fairview, PA
PD0210627Advanced Project Based Learning Course08/09/201710/12/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0471622Earth and Sun FOSS Next Generation Edition08/15/201708/15/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0471559Earth and Sun FOSS Next Generation Edition08/17/201708/18/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0468562Sound and Light - FOSS Next Generation Edition Course08/17/201708/18/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0470563Water and Climate FOSS Next Generation Course08/17/201708/18/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0479565Mixtures and Solution FOSS Next Generation Course08/17/201708/18/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0408620The Best of Bugs: Designing Hand Pollinators Course08/21/201708/21/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0354618Organisms (STC) Course08/21/201708/22/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0368619Plant Growth and Development (STC) Course08/21/201708/22/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0408606The Best of Bugs: Designing Hand Pollinators Course08/24/201708/24/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0201607A Slick Solution: Cleaning an Oil Spill Course08/24/201708/24/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0401608STEM for Young Learners Course08/25/201708/25/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0412609To Get to the Other Side: Designing Bridges Course08/25/201708/25/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0212610An Alarming Idea: Designing Alarm Circuits Course08/25/201708/25/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0261524Earth Materials (FOSS) Course09/06/201709/07/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0331528Magnetism and Electricity (FOSS) Course09/12/201709/13/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0418522Weather (STC) Course09/14/201709/15/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0448555Customized Professional Development09/18/201711/03/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0354529Organisms (STC) Course09/19/201709/20/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0301531Human Body (FOSS) Course09/19/201709/20/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0323526Land and Water (STC) Course09/21/201709/22/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0458605Soils, Rocks and Landforms (FOSS) Course09/21/201709/22/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0376530Push, Pull, Go (BBS) Course09/25/201709/26/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0468536Sound and Light - FOSS Next Generation Edition Course09/25/201709/26/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0379533Rocks and Minerals (STC) Course09/26/201709/27/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0213534Animal Studies (STC) Course09/27/201709/28/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0368535Plant Growth and Development (STC) Course09/27/201709/28/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0396537Solids and Liquids (STC) Course10/02/201710/03/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0264525Electric Circuits (STC) Course10/05/201710/06/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0413538Trees (FOSS) Course10/05/201710/06/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0232540Changes (STC) Course10/10/201710/11/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0288603Fabric (FOSS) Course10/10/201710/11/2017
PD0398541Sound (STC) Course10/11/201710/12/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0416539Water (FOSS) Course10/18/201710/19/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0227527Balance and Motion (FOSS) Course10/19/201710/20/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0470542Water and Climate FOSS Next Generation Course10/24/201710/25/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0345532Motion & Design (STC) Course10/30/201710/31/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0252550Discovering Animals (BBS) Course10/30/201710/31/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
PD0414523Understanding Weather and Climate (STC) Course11/06/201711/07/2017 Pittsburgh, PA