Water (FOSS)


October 16 - 08:30 am


October 17 - 03:30 pm

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ASSET STEM Education

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ASSET STEM Education (or Virtually)

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Explore properties and changes in water, interactions between water and other earth material and how humans use water as a natural resource.

In this module, students will Conduct surface-tension experiments.

  • Observe and explain the interaction between masses of water at different temperatures and masses of water in liquid and solid states.
  • Construct a thermometer to observe that water expands as it warms and contracts as it cools.
  • Observe weather by using senses and simple tools.
  • Investigate the effect of surface area and air temperature on evaporation, and the effect of temperature on condensation.
  • Investigate what happens when water is poured through two earth materials – soil and gravel.
  • Design and construct a waterwheel and use it to lift or pull objects.
  • Use field techniques to compare how well several soils drain.

During this course, participants will:

  • Engage in three-dimensional learning for developing disciplinary core ideas, science and engineering practices, and cross cutting concepts
  • Participate as an adult learner to experience investigations and science and engineering content
  • Share teaching strategies to support literacy and inquiry-based learning
  • Identify the learning goals in the module and how the investigations support the Big Ideas
  • Examine assessment opportunities
  • Develop notebook as a resource