Educators from all settings, disciplines, and age bands can earn continuing education credits and advance instructional practice through in-person, virtual, or blended professional learning.

“We may not know what specific jobs we are preparing our 21st-century learners for, but we are certain that we can teach them the skills that will enable them to be competitive in future job markets. Giving them the opportunity to participate in ASSET’s programs will aid in developing a growth mindset, teaching them persistence, inquiry, and resilience.” – Professional Learning participant, 2017

If you’re looking to:

Examine content and improve instructional practice
Plan and evaluate engaging learning experiences
Connect with a community of educator peers
Lead change in your organization, school, or district

…then start here.

ASSET partners with corporations and foundations to provide cutting edge, no-cost grant programs for educators and administrators in underserved organizations.

The Access ASSET scholarship program advances educational equity by providing no-cost professional learning and materials to eligible schools and organizations.

Let’s make learning happen. Work with ASSET to collaborate on grant seeking, request customized or large-group professional learning, consulting, presenting, and more.