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Community Involvement - Thursday, April 10, 2014
Every week, groups from both Pittsburgh Mercy Health System and Pressley Ridge volunteer their time in ASSET's Materials Support Center. Michelle, a Mercy Health System employee, explained that volunteering at ASSET gives her group an opportunity to go out into the community and make a difference. "Most of the jobs can be broken down into any ability," she said.
This week (April 6 – April 12) is National Volunteer Appreciation Week. ASSET hosts approximately 60 – 80 volunteers a week in the Materials Support Center who clean, sort, bag and pack hands-on classroom materials. Thanks to volunteers like those from Mercy Health System and Pressley Ridge, ASSET is able to advance STEM teaching and learning for 7,000 teachers and 225,000 students nationwide.
Cody, a Pressley Ridge employee, said that the hours his group spends at ASSET "really benefits them overall in every aspect of their life." "They love it. It's the highlight of their week."
ASSET hosts volunteer groups from local corporations and universities as well, in addition to individual volunteers. Becky has been volunteering in the Materials Support Center twice a week since January. She believes it's important to make STEM education approachable and learnable and wanted to support ASSET's efforts to do so.
Since July of 2013, ASSET volunteers have contributed at total of 3,360 hours . Thank you to our volunteers for all that you do!