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Apply now to Access ASSET.

All educators deserve support in facilitating inquiry-based teaching and learning to advance student engagement and achievement. Unfortunately, budget constraints and resource limitations inhibit schools and organizations from planning, implementing, scaling and sustaining effective programs. Access ASSET is designed to equip under-resourced educators with proven instructional tools and resources at no cost (including professional development and hands-on materials) through the generous support of corporations, foundations and individuals.

Access ASSET today by applying to participate in the following opportunities at ASSET STEM Education headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA (Note: off-site opportunities may be available pending adequate participation and a training location; contact us to learn more):




Patterns, Shapes and Play (Early Childhood Math)

01/24/17 (1/2 day, morning) 

Early childhood educators (Grades P and K) 

A World in Motion: Glider Challenge*

01/25/17 (1 day)

Classroom and OST educators (Grades 6-8)

Wood and Paper* 

02/07/17 - 02/08/17 (2 days) 

Early childhood educators (Grades P and K) 

Integrating Formative Assessment

02/15/17, 02/16/17, 05/16/17 (3 days)

All educators (Grades P-8)

Push, Pull, Go*

03/14/17 - 03/15/17 (2 days) 

Early childhood educators (Grades P and K) 

STEM-Focused Career Exploration

03/23/17 (1 day)

All school counselors and educators (Grades K-12)

* includes materials

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PDF of Application Questions

  • You will not be able to save your application and complete it at a later date. For your benefit, we recommend that you review the PDF of the application questions and fill out your answers in a Word document prior to completing the online application.

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below for more information:

Who can apply for Access ASSET opportunities?

  • Any P—12 school district or education organization (in-school, out-of-school time, informal education settings, e.g. libraries) is eligible to apply. Preference is given to applicants with a high percentage of students on free/reduced price lunch, high levels of diversity and low proficiency on state assessments.

Can ASSET members apply?

  • ASSET members can apply for professional development and/or materials in addition to those already included in their Membership Plan.

What services can we receive through Access ASSET?

  • The program is solely for ASSET's proven programs, including professional development for educators and hands-on materials for programs/classrooms.

When can we submit an application?

  • ASSET periodically announces new "Access ASSET" opportunities via social media, press releases, e-blasts, and on the ASSET website. We encourage you to sign up for our e-newsletter and follow us on Facebook (ASSET STEM Education) and Twitter (@ASSETeducation) for updates. 

What is the review/approval process?

  • Applications will be reviewed and awarded as received. Please reference the Application Form Rubric for a detailed overview of the selection criteria.

Can we submit more than one application?

  • Eligible schools and organizations should feel free to apply again as new "Access ASSET" opportunities are added.

How can I help ASSET support additional educators, schools and organizations?

  • Please visit our supporters page to view giving levels and make a donation.

Do you still have questions? Please contact Maleea Johnson at or 412-481-7320.