ASSET’s mission is to advance teaching and learning to engage, inspire, and empower all learners.


ASSET will continue to be one of the premier providers of services to systematically improve education by equipping educators with effective tools and strategies to create innovative and relevant learning environments so all students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to work, live, contribute and lead in a global community.


We value all educators as innovators and agents of change to advance the learning experience.

We believe:

  • the pathway to improving learning is through the educator
  • education needs to be responsive to the needs of society
  • in lifelong learning

We value all learners as engaged and active participants resulting in the pursuit of new opportunities for the future.

We believe:

  • working both collaboratively and independently encourages learning
  • acquiring, applying and integrating knowledge holistically
  • engaging in STEM-based innovative teaching and learning
  • learning occurs when meaningful partnerships are made

We value collective impact as a catalyst for powerful and sustainable improvement in education.

We believe:

  • innovation cannot happen in isolation
  • in collaboration over competition
  • shared leadership generates sustainable change

“ASSET’s sessions helped me to see how students feel when being introduced to new content or ways of thinking, as it was challenging for me. Moving forward, I plan to encourage and allow my students to experience failure and struggle, and allocate more time for them to investigate and wonder.” – Grant Participant, Galeton Area School District

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