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ASSET STEM Education's Professional Learning courses aim to build pedagogical skills and understanding, content & conceptual knowledge and collaborative leadership. Explore our courses and register! 

Registration for courses ends two days prior to event. If you'd still like to sign up after registration ends, please contact 412-481-7320. 




Glider Challenge (SAE): August 19-20 (register)

Motorized Toy Car Challenge (SAE): August 21-22 (register)


Land and Water (STC): September 4-5 (register)

Skimmer (SAE): September 5 (register)

Foundations for Inquiry-based Teaching & Learning: September 10-11 (register)

Water and Climate (FOSS) - NGSS: September 11-12 (register)

Energy (FOSS) - NGSS: September 17-18 (register)

Sound and Light (FOSS) - NGSS: September 18-19 (register)

Engage in the Future: Engineering Workshop (Exton, PA): September 24-25 (register)
Learn more about the Engage in the Future: Engineering Workshop with partner, SAE International 


An Alarming Idea: Designing Alarm Circuits (EiE): October 1 (register)

Energy, Force and Motion (STC3MS) - NGSS: October 2-3 (register)

Best of Bugs: Designing Hand Pollinators (EiE): October 8 (register)

Motion and Matter (FOSS) - NGSS: October 8-9 (register)

Chemical Interactions (FOSS) - NGSS: October 9-10 (register)

Mixtures and Solutions (FOSS) - NGSS: October 9-10 (register)

Plant Growth and Development (STC): October 15-16 (register)

Catching the Wind: Designing Windmills (EiE): October 16 (register)

Living Systems (FOSS) - NGSS: October 16-17 (register)

Genes and Molecular Machines (STC3MS) - NGSS: October 17-18 (register)

Engage in the Future: Engineering Workshop (Beaver, PA): October 21-22 (register)

Learn more about the Engage in the Future: Engineering Workshop with partner, SAE International 

Diversity of Life (FOSS) - Next Generation: October 28-29  (Register)

Magnetism and Electricity (FOSS): October 29-30 (register)

Animals Two by Two (FOSS) - NGSS: October 29-30 (register)

Weather and Sky (BBS): November 5 (register)

Structure and Function (STC3MS) - NGSS: November 5-6 (register)

Rocks and Minerals (STC): November 6-7 (register)

How Can We Protect Animals When Their Habitat Changes? (SSFTC) - NGSS: November 13 (register)

Space Systems Exploration (STCMS) - NGSS: November 13-14 (register)

Pebbles, Sand and Silt (FOSS) - NGSS: November 13 -14 (register)

How Do Weather and Climate Affect Our Lives? (SSFTC) - NGSS: November 14 (register)

How Can We Provide Fresh Water to Those in Need? (SSFTC) - NGSS: November 19 (register)

Ecosystems and Their Interactions (STC3MS) - NGSS: November 19-20 (register)

How Can We Stop Soil From Washing Away? (SSFTC) - NGSS: November 20 (register)

How Can We Send a Message Using Sound? (SSFTC) - NGSS: November 21 (register)


Gravity and Kinetic Energy (FOSS) - NGSS: December 3-4 (register)

Soils, Rocks and Landforms (FOSS) - NGSS: December 4-5 (register)





We also provide no-cost Professional Learning programs on a variety of popular teaching & learning topics for select populations.

Check out a list of our updated Grant Program opportunities here.




Looking for another course? Interested in collaborating on Professional Learning with your school or organization?

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