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Join ASSET STEM Education for a no-cost Professional Development program to foster student engagement, proficiency and achievement in mathematics. 




This program will push the boundaries of traditional teaching strategies and challenge educators to cultivate a learning experience embedded with authentic, inquiry-based teaching & learning. During this course, middle-grade (5-8) math educators will explore mathematical practices and standards, sample student engagement activities, examine trends in mathematical proficiency, and develop strategies for student growth.  


The program includes:
• Two days of in-person professional development (12 hours of Act 48 credits)
• Classroom implementation and in-school coaching  
• Half-day debrief and reflection (3 hours of Act 48 credits)


The course will be led by:

Professional Development Specialist

“It is one of life’s greatest callings to be an educator and to work diligently to make positive differences in the lives of children. To do that, we need to rethink education to make it student-centered and allow for multiple opportunities to challenge students to higher levels of thinking. Making these changes requires all of us to be constantly reflective and to continually refine our practice.”

Dr. Daniel C. Lujetic joined ASSET in 2018 as Professional Development Specialist. He has over 30 years of diverse experience as an educator, administrator, tutor, trainer, and workshop presenter. Prior to ASSET, Dan was a Superintendent of Schools, Assistant Superintendent, Director of Curriculum and Assessment, and a secondary mathematics and computer technology teacher. Dan has expertise in tutoring, new teacher induction and mentoring, adult education, International Baccalaureate Mathematics, and urban education.

Doctor of Education (Ed.D), Master’s in Educational Administration (M.E.), Mathematics (B.S.), Superintendent’s Letters of Eligibility (Cert.), Assistant Superintendent’s Letters of Eligibility (Cert.), Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction (Cert.), Secondary Principal (Cert.), Secondary Mathematics (Cert.), Computer Technology (Cert.), Music (Cert.)



Professional Development Specialist

“As educators, we need to challenge the thought processes of our students in order to foster critically-thinking leaders by providing them with the opportunities for self-discovery and meaningful experiences. If we want to see positive change and growth in our students, we need to be willing to change ourselves.”

Lindsay Anderson joined ASSET in 2018 as Professional Development Specialist. Prior to ASSET, Lindsay worked in two different high-need charter schools where she taught 5-8 grade mathematics. Along with being a classroom teacher, Lindsay has expertise being a Mathematics Intervention Specialist (K-8) and an academic mentor for students in grades 7-12.

Education (MS), Elementary Education K-6 (BS) Level II Pennsylvania Elementary Education K-6 (Cert.), Level II Pennsylvania Middle Level Mathematics 7-9 (Cert.)